Kotak Mahindra bank had launched in 2003 and now it is fastest growing Pvt bank of India. Kodak to launch Kotak Digital Rupee wallet to store your digital rupee. Apart to store digital rupees you can do more with this wallet.Kotak Digital Rupee wallet

What is Kotak Digital Rupee Wallet?

Kotak Digital Rupee wallet is a mobile and web application where you can store your all crypto rupee. This wallet will launch will more features like purchase with digital rupees and convert digital rupees in to cash any time during banking hours.

Kotak Digital Rupees wallet
Kotak Digital Rupees wallet

How the Digital Rupees technology will work?

Digital Rupees will be based on well-known block chain technology. CBDC is developing its own block chain policy & where most of cryptos are based on Binance, Etherium, Solano, Avalanche etc. Digital rupees will not be minable.

How can I get Kotak Digital wallet?

There is two way to download Kotak Digital wallet first is to download it directly from Google Play or IOS platform. It is also available on official website of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Kotak Digital rupees franchisees

Kotak Digital Rupees Wallet is an independent platform and it will reduce the dependency of bank & banking system. It will be based on centralized exchanged where you can buy and sell it like other crypto.  It will be a official crypto and you can use it as cash.

Because it will be official & valid crypto of India, it will not fluctuate like other crypto.  

How can store digital Rupees in Kotak wallet?

CBDC will launch a centralized exchanged to transact rupee crypto. They can also list this crypto in all major crypto exchange like Binance, Coindesk, Wazirx, Coindcx, Bitbns etc.

Like other crypto you can buy it via BNB, Etherium, Bitcoin, cash also.

Is there any cost of digital rupees wallet?

Now Digital Rupees wallet will be available free of cost. The bank will be charge money to merchants on transactions.

Are digital rupees wallet secured?

Like other wallet Kotak Bank Digital Rupees wallet will be more secure. Trust wallet & Metamass provides you passphrase to recover your digital wallet and if you lose your keys, it is impossible to recover your wallet & your all crypto will be zero.

But in the case of Kotak bank Digital rupees wallet, you can recover your wallet with the help of some easy steps you can recover it easily.

What is Kotak digital wallet?

Kotak Digital Rupee wallet is an application where you can store your digital rupees and make transactions like other application.

Can we convert digital rupees in cash?

Yes, You can convert digital rupees in to cash anytime.

Will Kotak charge any cost of digital wallet?

No, Kotak Bank digital rupee wallet will be available for free of cost for all.

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